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Keystone Online – Pennsylvania’s pigeon shoot problem

19 Sep

Though the shoots themselves are not outlawed in Pennsylvania – the only state which still allows them – the above conditions are not in accordance with Pennsylvania’s animal cruelty laws, which cover pigeons as domestic animals; however, Berks County District Attorney John Adams repeatedly refuses to act on animal cruelty complaints. He has also actively crushed efforts of Pennsylvania humane law officers to enforce the cruelty laws.

via Keystone Online – Pennsylvania’s pigeon shoot problem.

Dauphin Pigeon Shoot Verdict: A Case Study of the Need for Legal and Judicial Reform –

5 Jul

Doing nasty things to most animals (like shooting, stomping, cutting their heads off, leaving to suffer and die) is considered cruelty in Pennsylvania unless the activity is a legally protected activity.

via Dauphin Pigeon Shoot Verdict: A Case Study of the Need for Legal and Judicial Reform –.

Open season in PA on pigeons and protestors

5 Jul

Lenker tossed the charges despite being presented with three hours of testimony and graphic video from the Erdman shoots showing wounded pigeons dumped in barrels and left to languish and a “trapper boy” beat a wounded pigeon with a bucket.

via Open season in PA on pigeons and protestors | Philly Dawg | 06/29/2011.

End the Pigeon Shoot in Pennsylvania

5 May

End the Pigeon Shoot in Pennsylvania
If you’re in Pennsylvania, please call your state legislator and ask them to support this bill to stop the annual pigeon shoot–we are the last state that allows this. If you’re not in Pennsylvania but know someone who is, let them know.

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