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The Big Rock Catnip Mountain

23 Aug

Bring the kitties close for a good whiff of a mountain of catnip, growing wild!

Catnip is a native wildflower in most of the United States—try stopping any mint from growing wherever it pleases—and for some reason it outgrows everything else on this rocky hillside. I guess the local cats are accustomed to it, or they just take on what’s growing at the top.

Silly Things My Cats Do

7 Jul

Here are just a few of the afore-mentioned melting cats on my desk. Some days I wonder why I get so little done, between the cats occupying my workspace and me photographing every little thing they do…

I tried not to do this, but it was inevitable. I take so many photos of my own cats and others as well, including cats I just see while I’m out walking or visiting a friend, and I always want to share the photos. Facebook would be easy, but everyone isn’t on Facebook, and after a while information t…

Sepia Miniatures Feline Photos Set

7 May

Sepia Miniatures Feline Photos Set by PortraitsOfAnimals on Etsy

Speckle Sally Walking

These are three of my favorite little black and white photos which I
printed in sepia to match the walnut-stained frames, and hand-cut black
core mats to match in tan and natural white.

My Kids’ Photos in Kitty Tell-All Book!

3 May

Cat Confessions

Allia Zobel Nolan has written about 170 books, many of them featuring cats. We’re very proud and excited to be featured in one her latest! It could be our big break. New York, Los Angeles, here we come!

Late in the Year, Portrait of a Senior Cat

3 May

While I’m featuring Peaches and other senior cats as we celebrate Peaches’ 100th Birthday, I’ll also feature a few of my favorite senior cat photos, many of them black and white.

“Late in the Year”, my precious Moses, on Portraits of Animals Marketplace.

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