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National Immunization Awareness Month

18 Aug

The Catalyst Council reminds us that cats need the core vaccines

via National Immunization Awareness Month.

How Common are Vaccine Reactions?

12 Apr

How Common are Vaccine Reactions? « The Animal Medical Center Blog.

Here are answers to the cat owner’s question and a quick update on what to do if your pet develops swelling at a vaccination site.

To Vaccinate or Not, and When?

2 Jul

The vaccination controversy, like the raw diet controversy, benefits from an article including comprehensive background information on what the vaccines do and why we vaccinate yearly. Jean Hofve, DVM, published a detailed article on the science, benefits and risks of annual vaccination.

Vaccination By Jean Hofve, DVM Vaccination is an ongoing controversy in veterinary medicine today. Veterinary schools and specialty organizations are promoting fewer vaccines at longer intervals, while many practitioners stubbornly cling to their annual booster schedules. Who’s right, and w…
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