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Is pet insurance right for you and your cat?

14 Oct



There are several companies offering a variety of plans, and deciding whether pet insurance is right for you, and choosing the right plan, can be overwhelming.

via Is pet insurance right for you and your cat? | The Conscious Cat.

Cost of pet ownership on the rise

20 Jul

If you’re like most Canadian pet owners, your furry little friend is costing you a lot more these days.

via Cost of pet ownership on the rise | Money | Toronto Sun.

Should You Buy Pet Insurance?

24 May

Should You Buy Pet Insurance? | petMD.

You buy it to help pay for large, unexpected or unplanned veterinary bills for which you would have trouble paying for out-of-pocket.

Pet Care Credit Cards a Dangerous Step

31 Aug

How Veterinarians Help Predatory Lenders

In the middle of the night at the emergency clinic, who reads the fine print? Those instant-approval credit cards you can get for pet health care at the veterinarian’s office can end up costing much more than the original bill.

Pet Health Financial Assistance from AAHA

28 Jul

If your pet is being treated at an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited veterinary hospital, they may apply for assistance for your pet’s medical needs. Visit The Cat’s Meow for more details.

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