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Consult vet before using drugs

20 Aug

One of the biggest changes in my 35 years as a veterinarian is the difference in how we handle both acute and chronic pain in dogs and cats.

via Pet Points: Consult vet before using drugs.

Eerie Silence in Joplin, Animals in Need

14 Jul

Soon you could hear barking and purring. Owners crying with joy after finding a treasured pet.

via American Humane Association: Email – Eerie Silence in Joplin, Animals in Need.

FAQ: How to Rescue a Rabbit Running Loose

1 Jul

Catching a rabbit who doesn’t want to be caught, as house-rabbit people everywhere have learned, is difficult enough in the confines of your own living room.

via FAQ: How to Rescue a Rabbit Running Loose.

Pet Tales: Helping sad rabbits feel hoppy again

23 Apr

Pet Tales: Helping sad rabbits feel hoppy again.

There is much to learn before getting a rabbit, and the volunteers and staff involved in bunny rescue insist they must live indoors and must be spayed and neutered.

A Bunny Party!

13 Jul

Rabbits are a very underrated pet, but gaining in popularity; the Pittsburgh House Rabbit Club has a mailing list of 400, up from 40 in 2005. The Western Pennsylvania Humane Society is hosting a free party for owners of rabbits and those who’d like to get to know them better.

Rabbits, and the people who love them, are invited to a free party next Saturday to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Pittsburgh House Rabbit Club.
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