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Evaluating heart function in hyperthyroid cats

11 Jun

The abnormalities of the cardiovascular system in hyperthyroid cats can vary from small subtle effects to clinically severe changes associated with the development of heart failure.

via Evaluating heart function in hyperthyroid cats | Cat Health News from the Winn Feline Foundation.

Heart Disease Versus Heart Failure in the Dog and Cat

30 Mar

Dogs and cats can have heart disease without experiencing heart failure.

Heart Disease in Dogs and Cats – Heart Disease Versus Heart Failure in the Dog and Cat.

Heart Disease in Cats

7 Jul

Heart disease is called “the silent killer” in reference to humans because the symptoms are difficult to detect, though the disease is common. This is true in cats as well, complicated by the fact that cats tend to simply deal with symptoms so even observant owners don’t know they have the disease, or that it’s developed to a dangerous level.

Buckley was diagnosed with heart disease in February of 2007 and succumbed to the disease in November of 2008, so this is a topic close to my heart.A check up prior to dental surgery revealed a heart murmur, and a subsequent cardiac ultrasound showed that she had restrictive cardiomyopathy. As a res…
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