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Destructive Behavior in Cats | petMD

13 May

cat with garbage can

When cats scratch or lick the wrong things and do not respond to discouragement, they are diagnosed as having a destructive behavior problem. Not all destructive behavior is the same, however.

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Thirsty Kitty Cat | Dr Rayya’s Online Veterinary Journal

24 Aug

I have had heaps of my geriatric cats come in for checkups or follow-up examinations. While I am usually psyched about seeing my feline friends, they do not share the same sentiment.

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Cat asthma | The Daily Tail

21 Jul

He can’t understand when I tell him everything will be all right if he just stays calm.

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Choosing the Right Vet for Your Cat

18 Jun

And speaking of veterinary care for your cat, The Conscious Cat has a very thorough article on the first part of this process–choosing a veterinarian.

How to Choose the Right Vet for Your Pet | The Conscious Cat
For most people, choosing the right vet for their pets is much harder than choosing the right physician for themselves. When choosing a vet, you’re not just looking for someone with exceptional medical skills, but also for someone with excellent people skills who understands you and your pet.

Cats Really Do Need Medical Care

18 Jun

I can’t say how many people will ask me what’s wrong with their cat instead of taking the cat to the vet, thinking I’ll be able to offer medical advice; in fact, the cat has never been to the vet, but that same person’s dog gets annual dentals and checkups and other medical care. What is the perception that cats don’t need medical care?

Healthy Cats: How to help your cat live all of its 9 lives
Did you know that cats outnumber dogs as pets in the U.S. by almost 10 million? Sure, they’re popular pets – but it’s not all good news. There are also more cats than dogs in animal shelters and in need of good homes, and studies show that cats are less likely to receive veterinary care than dogs.

Cats are Not Completely Without Maintenance

17 Jun

Perhaps we’ve touted cats as being “low maintenance” for too long as some cats never get to see the veterinarian in their entire lifetime. Cats need routine healthcare as much as any of us, and they are masters at hiding symptoms until it’s nearly too late. The American Association of Feline Practitioners has established guidelines to follow.

Feline Health Care: Recommendations for Routine Cat Care » The Pet Health Care Gazette`

Though cats should visit a veterinarian regularly for routine feline health care, an alarmingly high number of cats never receive veterinary or very rarely visit the doctor.

How to Care For Your Older Cat

3 May

How to Care for Your Older Cat
“Aunt Ingrid” posted an article about caring for older cats on her blog, The Conscious Cat, in honor of Peaches’ 100th Birthday. Everybody with older kitties, read up!

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