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Cat Diabetes and Glucose Fluctuations

18 Sep

Fluctuation in the blood glucose levels of a diabetic cat is normal, but there are many ways now to help regulate your cat.

via Cat Diabetes and Glucose Fluctuations.

Diagnostic Testing for Diabetes in the Dog and Cat

6 Jul

A dog or cat that is suffering from diabetes typically has certain symptoms, such as always being thirsty, urinating more than normal, eating more than usual or losing weight.

via Canine and Feline Diabetes Mellitus – Diagnostic Testing for Diabetes in the Dog and Cat.

About Feline Diabetes

12 Nov

Clear and concise information about diabetes in cats on The Conscious Cat.

Diabetes in humans has reached epidemic proportions. Statistics from the Centers of Disease Control show that in 2007, nearly 24 million Americans had diabetes. Statistics are no less alarming when it comes to cats. Just as for humans, there has been a tremendous increase in diabetes in cats over

Steve Dale’s Pet World, Diabetic Cats and Wedding Parties

17 Jun

Do you need to know more about diabetes in cats? Today at 2:00 p.m. CST on Steve Dale’s Pet World listen and call or text in your questions. Also hear a story on people including their pets in their wedding parties! If you miss it, you can always listen later by finding the link in this story.

What’s going on with diabetes and cats? Diabetes is occurring more than ever. Feline veterinarian Dr. Colleen Currigan on Steve Dale’s Pet World today (Saturday, June 5), 890-AM WLS at 2 p.m. cst.

Feline Diabetes

17 Jun

A comprehensive digest of articles about diabetes in cats and dogs including in-depth articles on symptoms, types of diabetes, treatments and types of insulin, but most of all a reassurance that diabetes isn’t a death sentence for your pet, and that your help in treatment will help your pet in the long run.

Feline Diabetes: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment » The Pet Health Care Gazette
A diagnosis of diabetes in a cat is usually a frightening experience for a cat owner. Many cat owners believe that treating feline diabetes is impossible. However, successful treatment for diabetes is attainable and remission is even possible for some cats with proper treatment.

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