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Not a Bad Deal on a Pre-owned Cat

2 Jul

Remembering Namir, one year later, and laughing at my memories of him. It was a day much like today, but I’m remembering all the years he gave to me. Please enjoy the story.

A year ago today, at just about this time, I said goodbye to one of the most unique, most loved cats I’ve ever known, but remembering him is hardly a sad affair, not with a goof like Namir. It’s a celebration of a cat who, despite multiple life-threatening health issues, loved every single blessed moment…

Early Feline Influences for Art

17 Jun

I’ve been sorting through lots of papers and boxes lately, but no search is without its results. On Memorial Day weekend I look at a few things I’ve found and how they possibly shaped me as a lover of cats and as an artist.
Early Feline Influences and Memories « The Creative Cat
So looking at a few of the things I’ve found in my recent journeys, here’s an interesting perspective on how I got to where I am as a keeper of cats and as an artist.

Sepia Miniatures Feline Photos Set

7 May

Sepia Miniatures Feline Photos Set by PortraitsOfAnimals on Etsy

Speckle Sally Walking

These are three of my favorite little black and white photos which I
printed in sepia to match the walnut-stained frames, and hand-cut black
core mats to match in tan and natural white.

Afternoon Nap, Image and Poem

5 May

Afternoon Nap « Portraits of Animals Marketplace

As we near Peaches’ 100th birthday I’m featuring a few more simple portraits of senior cats. This little sketch of my Stanley is from his very last winter, a contented moment in one of his favorite spots, just catching the quality of light and mood and not too much detail.

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