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Portraits of Animals E-newsletter

28 Jun

Despite the cryptic title below, this really is a link to my quarterly e-newsletter. It covers everthing I do in my studio including graphic and web design, photography, writing and a good bit of the merchandise you’ve seen me working on in the past few months. Enjoy!
black tote with cat

Designing big outdoor signs, social networking, photography, and the biggest assignment of all, adding a little shop with merchandise to display what I make…it’s time to catch up with all that’s come through my studio in the past few months.

New Merchandise from Portraits of Animals Marketplace

26 Jun

I’m still working on the e-newsletter as some pages of my website and my Etsy page with some of the products, but things are looking so good I had to give a preview. Perhaps my feline assistants will also want to comment on how they were totally neglected all weekend. Well, if they like to eat…

gift bag displayNew Merchandise, Wow Am I Excited! « Portraits of Animals Marketplace
I finishing up my latest e-newsletter, just as I’ve worked up the design and production of several new products. I recently featured cotton tote bags here, and I’ve expanded on that idea, and I’ve also designed a series of crocheted washcloths in addition to the pawprints.

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