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Declawing Cats, Humane?

8 Sep cat paw

cat pawYour cat’s claw is not a toenail. It is so closely adhered to the bone that to remove the claw, the last bone of your cat’s claw has to be removed.

via Declawing Cats, Humane? – Northeast Cobb, GA Patch.

To DeClaw or Not? What’s a Cat Owner To Do?

8 Aug

I was very surprised; however, to find out the procedure is much more than a simple “toe nail trim”.

via To DeClaw or Not? What’s a Cat Owner To Do? – Chartiers Valley, PA Patch.

Coming in July on The Creative Cat

2 Jul

Mimi and the Fantastic Four joined my household in July, Namir and Lucy left in July, so it’s a time to celebrate many kitty lives and the knowledge and wisdom they’ve given me. July articles on The Creative Cat will cover an alphabet soup of FIP, HCM, CHF, kittens, old cats, artwork and alternatives to declawing, including how to clip your cat’s claws.

July brings the anniversary of many things feline-related—losses, rescues, births, new artwork, and I’m looking forward to sharing the stories and related articles and information.
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