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‘Catio’ a finalist in national contest

16 Sep

Until three years ago, John and Cheryl Szostak of Allegheny Township had never owned a cat.

Now they’re the proud owners of five felines and are finalists in a national pet project contest after designing a “catio” playhouse for their brood.

via ‘Catio’ a finalist in national contest – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.


18 Jun

Cats enjoy the outdoors on leashes and in “catios”! Steve Dale made up that word just for the occasion, and he has a wonderful article with links to products and videos showing cats walking on leashes.

Outdoor Patios for Cats, Catios – Steve Dale’s Pet World
While I feel strongly against allowing cats to freely roam neighborhoods, encouraging cats to walk on a leash and harness or creating protective outdoor environments can be terrific. Cats can also ‘go for walks’ in super luxury kitty strollers. For many (not all) cats – such experiences are wonderful…

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