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Animal Hoarding: How Many Pets are Too Many?

4 Aug

In addition to neglecting their animals, hoarders often neglect themselves or other family members such as children and the elderly.

via Animal Hoarding: How Many Pets are Too Many? « The Animal Medical Center Blog.

My Feline Garden Sprites

3 May

My Feline Garden Sprites, on The Creative Cat

As part of celebrating Peaches’ 100th Birthday, this is an article I first posted a little over a year ago as Namir and Cookie and I cleaned up the garden for another gardening year. I don’t allow my cats to roam, but I love to take them out in my yard as I work in the garden, and I really believe it increases their health.

Pet of the Day on Thomasville Furniture

21 Apr

Pet of the Day on Thomasville Furniture
Here’s a fun offer: upload a photo of your cat or dog on your “best” piece of furniture and Thomasville will make a donation to “Best” Friends Animal Society, and possibly even feature your photo as the pet of the day.

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