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Incredible pet photography (and more)

12 Nov

Two big orange boys playing king of the couch! Enjoy these gorgeous photos from photographer Marcia Leeder of her cats at play while the dogs were away.

…the cats will play! i had a particularly busy week last week, so i shipped tichka and little dude off to NANNY BOOT CAMP for a vacation. i am picking them up today

I’ll Have Some of What You’re Having

23 Aug

I only have about six water bowls all over the house, but Cookie has to drink out of my glass.

Cookie really does drink whatever I’m drinking. Usually, this is water, but sometimes it’s orange or cranberry juice, and sometimes it’s coffee in a mug, but nothing stops her. I guess she just wants to be like her mom. I don’t mind her drinking out of my glass, I just don’t like it when she knocks …

Featured in a Treasury on Etsy

13 Jul

Thank you, Metroceramico, for including “Sophie Keeps an Eye on Things” in your treasury! For all cat lovers, it’s entitled “They’ve Always Brought Me Good Luck” and features images and artwork inspired by cats from all over Etsy–real eye candy for those of us who love to browse cats!

It’s always an honor for your work to be chosen by a fellow artist for display. Metroceramico included my photo “Sophie Keeps an Eye on Things” in a treasury entitled “They’ve Always Brought Me Good Luck”, full of images and artwork inspired by kitties collected from Etsy artisans.

Computer Privileges

13 Jul

Did you know that a mouse doesn’t work well on cat fur? Mr. Sunshine threatens to take away my computer privileges if I mess up “his” laptop.

The kitties think my little notebook belongs to them because it’s “kitty sized”.

Cookie and Peaches Try to Beat the Heat

13 Jul

Cookie and Peaches want me to know that they are very uncomfortable, and they are almost acting like BFFs in order to get their point across. I get the idea, but at some point I’d like my desk back!

Cookie and Peaches could go to other, cooler places in the house, but they choose to settle on my desk so I can get the full effect of their misery.

Sepia Miniatures Feline Photos Set

7 May

Sepia Miniatures Feline Photos Set by PortraitsOfAnimals on Etsy

Speckle Sally Walking

These are three of my favorite little black and white photos which I
printed in sepia to match the walnut-stained frames, and hand-cut black
core mats to match in tan and natural white.

Take Time to Eat the Roses

5 May

Take Time to Eat the Roses

Ahhh, mommy’s red roses, just the right thing for an afternoon snack! Allia’s Angela shows that she is not an angel but a princess. Sorry, they’re only on Facebook…

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