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New Merchandise from Portraits of Animals Marketplace

26 Jun

I’m still working on the e-newsletter as some pages of my website and my Etsy page with some of the products, but things are looking so good I had to give a preview. Perhaps my feline assistants will also want to comment on how they were totally neglected all weekend. Well, if they like to eat…

gift bag displayNew Merchandise, Wow Am I Excited! « Portraits of Animals Marketplace
I finishing up my latest e-newsletter, just as I’ve worked up the design and production of several new products. I recently featured cotton tote bags here, and I’ve expanded on that idea, and I’ve also designed a series of crocheted washcloths in addition to the pawprints.

Join Me for the McDonald McPet Parade

5 May

McDonald Pet Parade, Saturday, May 8 « What’s New in Bernadette’s Studio?

If you’re near Pittsburgh, join us in McDonald, PA for the second annual McDonald McPet Parade! It’s just a fun event where every pet wins something. I’ll have a booth with merchandise and a display of portrait samples, and it’s just too bad I can’t take one or two of the kids because they’d win everything!

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