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Candidates Who Support Compassionate Treatment of Animals

29 Oct

Here’s an election commercial that’s only positive. Humane USA PA PAC has listed its recommended candidates based upon demonstrated leadership, co-sponsorship, and/or votes for the priority animal welfare bills and new candidates whose platforms include support for compassionate treatment of animals with links to their sites.

Humane USA PA PAC is pleased to announce its recommendations for the State House and Senate elections in Pennsylvania. The good news is that candidates throughout Pennsylvania are talking about animal cruelty and the compassionate treatment of animals….

Please Sign This Petition Against Animal Cruelty

4 Sep

I can hardly bear to look at this, but please read the story and sign the petition against animal cruelty, especially if you’re a Pennsylvania resident.

Oscar was adopted by his “owners” when the neighbors stopped feeding him and his siblings. They were never indoor cats, but we fed them and took care of them.
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