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New rabies vaccine for cats

17 Sep

The new formulation, used in their line of PUREVAX® vaccines, purports to provide protection from the rabies virus for three years without the help of adjuvants that were used in earlier formulations of the vaccine.

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Ask a Vet: Do Cats Really Need Vaccines Every Year?

17 Sep

A reader wonders whether cats, especially indoor cats, truly need regular parasite preventatives and booster shots.

via Ask a Vet: Do Cats Really Need Vaccines Every Year? | Catster.

New 3-Year Non-Adjuvanted Rabies Vaccine for Cats Now Available – The Conscious Cat

15 Sep

In the meantime, the only thing cat guardians can do while still complying with local laws is to minimize the risk that comes with each rabies vaccine by making sure that their veterinarian only uses the non-adjuvanted Purevax vaccine manufactured by Merial.

via New 3-Year Non-Adjuvanted Rabies Vaccine for Cats Now Available – The Conscious Cat.

Immunocompromised Patients and Cats

12 May


Immunocompromised Patients and Cats –

By following simple, common sense guidelines, immunocompromised patients can minimize the risk of infection without having to give up their feline family members.

Fall Flu Season and Your Pets

8 Nov


No influenza virus has been identified in cats, but the clinical signs associated with herpes virus and calicivirus infection can look very similar to flu in humans.

via Fall Flu Season and Your Pets « Fur the Love of Pets.

WPHS Low Cost Vaccination Clinic May 29

19 May

Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.

Microchipping for only $15

Cat Pack: includes Rabies and FVRCP vaccine for $20

How Common are Vaccine Reactions?

12 Apr

How Common are Vaccine Reactions? « The Animal Medical Center Blog.

Here are answers to the cat owner’s question and a quick update on what to do if your pet develops swelling at a vaccination site.

WPHS Low Cost Vaccine Clinic April 9

4 Apr

Affordable vaccines and mircochipping for dogs and cats, first come, first served!

To Vaccinate or Not, and When?

2 Jul

The vaccination controversy, like the raw diet controversy, benefits from an article including comprehensive background information on what the vaccines do and why we vaccinate yearly. Jean Hofve, DVM, published a detailed article on the science, benefits and risks of annual vaccination.

Vaccination By Jean Hofve, DVM Vaccination is an ongoing controversy in veterinary medicine today. Veterinary schools and specialty organizations are promoting fewer vaccines at longer intervals, while many practitioners stubbornly cling to their annual booster schedules. Who’s right, and w…

Puppy Lost to Parvo Saves Lives

19 Jun

A shelter puppy was lost to parvo, but the WPHS in Pittsburgh issued a press release and offered a low-cost vaccination clinic bringing 400 dogs for parvo and other vaccinations plus a heartworm test. A sad story, but the puppy probably ended up saving many other lives.
Pet Tales: Puppy’s death from virus saves lives
A shelter puppy that died from canine parvovirus has probably saved lives. At the very least, the death seemed to spark a record-breaking turnout at a low-cost vaccination clinic.

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