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Does My Senior Cat Hate Me? | petMD

4 Jun

As your cat gets older, you may notice your once snuggly, loving friend becoming a bit more reclusive.

via Does My Senior Cat Hate Me? | petMD.

Do you know an aging or ailing pet?

3 May

Do you know an aging or ailing pet?.

At each panel a veterinarian will discuss keeping senior pets healthy and caring for ailing pets.

The aging cat brain: Surprising data on feline cognition –

28 Mar

The aging cat brain: Surprising data on feline cognition
Just like people, keeping the brain stimulated can help your cat avoid the onset of senility.

Adopt an Older Cat Month

4 Nov

It’s “Adopt an Older Cat Month” and we fully agree with what our friend Ingrid King has to say about the joys of adopting an older cat.

In my years of working with cats, I’ve always been drawn to older cats, especially the really old ones with their graying muzzles and eyes filled with the wisdom of the world.

Cookie and Peaches Try to Beat the Heat

13 Jul

Cookie and Peaches want me to know that they are very uncomfortable, and they are almost acting like BFFs in order to get their point across. I get the idea, but at some point I’d like my desk back!
Cookie and Peaches could go to other, cooler places in the house, but they choose to settle on my desk so I can get the full effect of their misery.

Feline Adoption Specials at WPHS

2 Jul

Help save a few feline lives at WPHS—July 1 and 2 only, 2 kittens for $100; 1 kitten-$65 ($50 for adoption plus $15 membership); and adults $25. Senior cats are free with the purchase of litterbox!
Western PA Humane Society

Bastet and Freya, Do Us a Favor

2 Jul

Thanks, everyone, Peaches is feeling a little better after all that positive energy. We really appreciate it! It’s going to be a slightly more difficult road from here, though.
Dear Bastet and Freya, As the main cat goddesses, I’m appealing to you on behalf of Peaches. I’d like to know if we could have a little more time together.

E-newsletters About Animals

19 Jun

We can never learn too much about caring for our animal companions, and in addition to my veterinarian’s advice and teaching and my library of printed books, magazines and newsletters, I’ve added e-newsletters from trusted sources that I’d like to share.

E-news About Animals « The Creative Cat
Now my inbox delivers yet more information about cats and pet care in general. Just in the past week I’ve received four quality e-newsletters written by veterinarians or animal professionals.

Peaches and Her Sub-q Fluids

17 Jun

Neither Peaches nor I look forward to her nearly daily dose of sub-q fluids in response to renal failure, but her relaxed rest, hearty appetite, heightened activity level and beautiful alert expression make it all worth the discomfort. I’m so glad I can do this for her.

Middle of the Night Decisions

17 Jun

Some sleepless nights and busy days, but Kelly is well as well as Peaches. Does your veterinarian help you learn to care for your pets at home? How do you decide when one of your pets needs to see the veterinarian or go to an emergency clinic?
Watch and Wait, or Do Something? « The Creative Cat

It’s 3:00 a.m. and though I’m finally ready to go to bed I can see that Kelly is feeling no better, in fact she is even more lethargic than she was earlier. It may be just my middle-of-the-night all-alone-with-my-fears …
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