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Cat feet | The Daily Tail

27 Jun

So here are some really cute cat paws to make my point. 🙂

via Cat feet | The Daily Tail | Dog & Cat Stories.

MVP Photo Contest

5 Jan

Bissell 4th Annual MVP Photo Contest.

Most Valuable Pets! Grand Prize:

  • $10,000 to favorite pet charity
  • $500 pet shopping spree
  • BISSELL pet vacuum or deep cleaner
  • Pet’s photo on a BISSELL box

Snuggled All Safe in Their Bed « The Creative Cat

25 Dec

Snuggled All Safe in Their Bed « The Creative Cat.

Alley Cat Allies Friday LOLCats

5 Nov

It’s Friday and time to check Alley Cat Allies’ weekly LOLcats! Here, Diana becomes an optical illusion. Also take time to check the rest of their page and their website, and consider supporting their nationwide efforts to help feral and homeless cats.

Alley Cat Allies’ Office Cats LOL it up!

I’ll Have Some of What You’re Having

23 Aug

I only have about six water bowls all over the house, but Cookie has to drink out of my glass.
Cookie really does drink whatever I’m drinking. Usually, this is water, but sometimes it’s orange or cranberry juice, and sometimes it’s coffee in a mug, but nothing stops her. I guess she just wants to be like her mom. I don’t mind her drinking out of my glass, I just don’t like it when she knocks …

Featured in a Treasury on Etsy

13 Jul

Thank you, Metroceramico, for including “Sophie Keeps an Eye on Things” in your treasury! For all cat lovers, it’s entitled “They’ve Always Brought Me Good Luck” and features images and artwork inspired by cats from all over Etsy–real eye candy for those of us who love to browse cats!
It’s always an honor for your work to be chosen by a fellow artist for display. Metroceramico included my photo “Sophie Keeps an Eye on Things” in a treasury entitled “They’ve Always Brought Me Good Luck”, full of images and artwork inspired by kitties collected from Etsy artisans.

Cookie and Peaches Try to Beat the Heat

13 Jul

Cookie and Peaches want me to know that they are very uncomfortable, and they are almost acting like BFFs in order to get their point across. I get the idea, but at some point I’d like my desk back!
Cookie and Peaches could go to other, cooler places in the house, but they choose to settle on my desk so I can get the full effect of their misery.

Cats Take Over My Desk

12 Jul

I see I’ve been having a problem with typos lately. This may be why.
JULY 7—Dickie is taking up two cats’ worth of space and Cookie took the “best” spot, right in front of me. Not to be outdone, Peaches simply stepped onto my keyboard shelf and laid down on my hands as I was typing.

Is Dickie Entirely Comfortable While He Sleeps?

7 Jul

One thing cats do extremely well is sleep, though I wonder sometimes at the contorted positions they choose.
JULY 6, 2010—I’m not sure, but Dickie might not be totally relaxed and comfortable; he may have a few hairs still holding some tension.

Silly Things My Cats Do

7 Jul

Here are just a few of the afore-mentioned melting cats on my desk. Some days I wonder why I get so little done, between the cats occupying my workspace and me photographing every little thing they do…
I tried not to do this, but it was inevitable. I take so many photos of my own cats and others as well, including cats I just see while I’m out walking or visiting a friend, and I always want to share the photos. Facebook would be easy, but everyone isn’t on Facebook, and after a while information t…
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