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Do cats grieve for other cats?

1 Aug

As a veterinarian and advice columnist, I am often asked whether I think cats grieve or mourn the loss of a feline companion.

via Do cats grieve for other cats? | The Conscious Cat.

Zoo Family Mourns Passing of Elderly Male African Lion

28 Mar

Zoo Family Mourns Passing of Elderly Male African Lion.

Juma, one of the five oldest male lions living in the United States, had been suffering from age-related ailments including liver disease.

A pet’s loss once removed is a loss no less |

11 Jan

A pet’s loss once removed is a loss no less |

2010: Ashes to ashes | Suffering The Benz

1 Jan

2010: Ashes to ashes | Suffering The Benz.

A friend’s tribute to a big dog.

Hidden Christmas tree in Central Park memorializes cherished pets.

24 Dec

Hidden Christmas tree in Central Park memorializes cherished pets. – New York Neighborhood Dogs |

Not a Bad Deal on a Pre-owned Cat

2 Jul

Remembering Namir, one year later, and laughing at my memories of him. It was a day much like today, but I’m remembering all the years he gave to me. Please enjoy the story.
A year ago today, at just about this time, I said goodbye to one of the most unique, most loved cats I’ve ever known, but remembering him is hardly a sad affair, not with a goof like Namir. It’s a celebration of a cat who, despite multiple life-threatening health issues, loved every single blessed moment…

Coming in July on The Creative Cat

2 Jul

Mimi and the Fantastic Four joined my household in July, Namir and Lucy left in July, so it’s a time to celebrate many kitty lives and the knowledge and wisdom they’ve given me. July articles on The Creative Cat will cover an alphabet soup of FIP, HCM, CHF, kittens, old cats, artwork and alternatives to declawing, including how to clip your cat’s claws.
July brings the anniversary of many things feline-related—losses, rescues, births, new artwork, and I’m looking forward to sharing the stories and related articles and information.

Pets Do Grieve

2 Jul

Deb Chebatoris of Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation relates a touching story of the animal companion of the pet she was receiving clearly communicating with her to make sure she took care of his friend. Animals do communicate, they do grieve, and they do care about each other and about us.
Last week I had a unique and undeniable experience with pet grief. From the moment I entered the home to receive the deceased pet, the companion pet nuzzled me, not in a threatening “this is my territory” kind of way, but in an anxious, “will you take care of my friend” way. As I spoke to the family…

Bastet and Freya, Do Us a Favor

2 Jul

Thanks, everyone, Peaches is feeling a little better after all that positive energy. We really appreciate it! It’s going to be a slightly more difficult road from here, though.
Dear Bastet and Freya, As the main cat goddesses, I’m appealing to you on behalf of Peaches. I’d like to know if we could have a little more time together.

Pet Memorial Sunday

18 Jun

Deb Chebatoris of Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation hosts an annual event on Pet Memorial Sunday, always the second Sunday in September. Anyone who is dealing with the loss of a pet in any way is invited to attend, even if you are not one of Deb’s families.

Remembering Our Animal Companions on Pet Memorial Sunday « Animus
For anyone who has loved and lost an animal companion, the need for respectful grieving and memorials is clear. Animals fill a deep place in our lives; for children they are sometimes the closest friend and confidant, for seniors they are often a singular daily companion. All who share their lives w…

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