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5 Expensive Veterinary Procedures That Can Be Avoided

20 Jun

With the help of a little info published by the ASPCA, and through my own experience, here are five of the most expensive veterinary emergencies that can usually be avoided:

via 5 Expensive Veterinary Procedures That Can Be Avoided.

Mews and Nips from around the internet

7 Jan

Mews and Nips from around the internet | The Conscious Cat.

A bunch of happy endings in this news roundup from The Conscious Cat, including George the-not-frozen-cat from Edmonton and a lucky mother cat in the UK who gave a blood transfusion to her own kittens.

Bad Kitty—Maybe Not!

7 Jan

Bad Kitty—Maybe Not! « The Creative Cat.

Don’t miss it, 8 pm tonight, it’s the season premiere of “My Cat from Hell with Jackson Galaxy. Read all the reviews and be sure to tune in to see some truly hellish cats and how understanding their behavior can help them someday change their behavior.

Feline Hyperesthesia – Anything New?

5 Dec

I know this sounds overwhelming, but the last thing you want to do is to treat a cat for a compulsive disorder — which is what true feline hyperesthesia seems to be — when in fact he is just unbearably itchy or having partial seizures.

via Feline Hyperesthesia – Anything New? | petMD.

Controlling Feral Cat Populations | petMD

10 Nov


GonaCon has been used to control populations of wild mammals like white-tailed deer, wild horses, bison, elk, ground squirrels, and prairie dogs.

via Controlling Feral Cat Populations | petMD.

Feline Friday: Why Does My Cat Eat Grass?

14 Oct



Do your cats eat grass? Do you provide gazing ops? Here’s a bit more in this latest Ask Amy.

via Feline Friday: Why Does My Cat Eat Grass? « Amy Shojai’s Blog.

The Myth of the Solitary Cat

16 Sep

If you’ve ever lived with a cat, you probably laugh when you hear the old myth repeated that cats are “solitary” creatures who neither seek nor enjoy human companionship or the company of other cats.

via The Myth of the Solitary Cat | – Find your purr..

Why Do Cats Blink Slowly at You?

8 Sep

I did a little research on this topic, and it turns out that cats tend to do a lot of talking with their eyes; the eyes are part of a feline’s communication system.

via Why Do Cats Blink Slowly at You?.

Thirsty Kitty Cat | Dr Rayya’s Online Veterinary Journal

24 Aug

I have had heaps of my geriatric cats come in for checkups or follow-up examinations. While I am usually psyched about seeing my feline friends, they do not share the same sentiment.

via Thirsty Kitty Cat | Dr Rayya’s Online Veterinary Journal.

Cat to cat introductions | The Conscious Cat

19 Aug

We most definitely have a new way of looking at things; from the cat’s perspective.

via Cat to cat introductions | The Conscious Cat.

Guest post by Jackson Galaxy

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