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Cruelty-free Pet Care Products

17 Jun

Of all things, animal-care products should be free from cruelty to animals! The Leaping Bunny provides a list of manufacturers of animal-care products that are not tested on animals.

Web: We are proud and happy to say that neither our hand-mixed products nor our natural ingredients are tested on animals.

Pet-Safe Pest Control

17 Jun

You’ve got wasps in the house and aphids on your tomatoes–how do you control them without chemicals that probably do more damage to your dog and cat? Check these two links from the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides along with many other fact sheets: Ladybugs are Predators!

Thirteen Eco and Cat-Friendly Tips for Your Yard

7 May

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Eco & Cat-Friendly Gardening Tips on The Cat’s Meow

Out in the yard with kitty? Karen Nichols of The Cat’s Meow blog offers her “Thursday Thirteen” tips on yard care and kitty safety.

Warm Weather Wellness Tips from Dr. Arnold Plotnick

5 May

Warm Weather Wellness Tips from Cat Expert Dr Arnold Plotnick on The Cat’s Meow

Thanks to Karen Nichols and Skeezix for tracking down Dr. Arnold Plotnick for an interview! You may have seen Dr. Plotnick’s name in Cat Fancy, Catnip and on and just about anything else cat, including his own business, Manhattan Cat Specialists. They guy knows cats, and he talks about hairballs and more.

Animal Testing Doesn’t Really Tell Us What We Need to Know

5 May
Modern lab tests not involving living creatures can discern more practical information faster and for less money. Another problem with animal testing is that its findings don’t always successfully predict real-world human outcomes. Thanks to Leaping Bunny.

Green Home Guide for Cat Parents

23 Apr

Green Home Guide for Cat Parents
“Green” works best for cats who are notoriously sensitive to chemicals in their environment. provides an in-depth article on how to make your home green and more safe for your cat. Also click to this list of 11 green products for your cat:

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