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This Earth Day, go green for your cat | The Conscious Cat

22 Apr

This Earth Day, go green for your cat | The Conscious Cat.

You recycle, buy organic, and use eco-friendly products for yourself, so wouldn’t it make sense to make similar choices for your cat?

Cat scratching solutions, and a giveaway to help | The Conscious Cat

10 Jan

Cat scratching solutions, and a giveaway to help | The Conscious Cat

So what can you do to let your cat be a cat, and still protect your furniture?

Snuggled All Safe in Their Bed « The Creative Cat

25 Dec

Snuggled All Safe in Their Bed « The Creative Cat.

Five New Year’s Resolutions The Cat Will Approve

23 Dec

Five New Year’s Resolutions The Cat Will Approve : Feline Aficionada, Cat Sitter, Writer & Speaker!.

Call It Macaroni

13 Jul

I rip open the bag a little too far and suddenly a half a bag of elbow mac becomes a satisfying evening of feline entertainment bouncing around, making neat noises and easily lending itself to feline paw-handling skills demonstrations among the legs of the tables and chairs.

Computer Privileges

13 Jul

Did you know that a mouse doesn’t work well on cat fur? Mr. Sunshine threatens to take away my computer privileges if I mess up “his” laptop.
The kitties think my little notebook belongs to them because it’s “kitty sized”.

Feline Inspection

13 Jul

Just back from the farmer’s market, Mewsette nibbled on the red leaf lettuce, Giuseppe got a really interesting message from the cardboard box that held the tomatoes, Cookie chewed on a few corn shucks and Peaches inspected everything on the table and pronounced it all useless stuff, asking for dinner.

Feline Imagination

13 Jul

I love it when cats focus on some inanimate object and stare intently, a scrap of paper, a milk bottle ring, a penny, and suddenly they POUNCE and the game is on. I can see their little kitty imaginations hard at work visualizing some scenario wherein the item turns into something else and they are fully convinced of this new reality. I can relate.

Cookie and Peaches Try to Beat the Heat

13 Jul

Cookie and Peaches want me to know that they are very uncomfortable, and they are almost acting like BFFs in order to get their point across. I get the idea, but at some point I’d like my desk back!
Cookie and Peaches could go to other, cooler places in the house, but they choose to settle on my desk so I can get the full effect of their misery.

Cats Take Over My Desk

12 Jul

I see I’ve been having a problem with typos lately. This may be why.
JULY 7—Dickie is taking up two cats’ worth of space and Cookie took the “best” spot, right in front of me. Not to be outdone, Peaches simply stepped onto my keyboard shelf and laid down on my hands as I was typing.
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