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Early Feline Influences for Art

17 Jun

I’ve been sorting through lots of papers and boxes lately, but no search is without its results. On Memorial Day weekend I look at a few things I’ve found and how they possibly shaped me as a lover of cats and as an artist.
Early Feline Influences and Memories « The Creative Cat
So looking at a few of the things I’ve found in my recent journeys, here’s an interesting perspective on how I got to where I am as a keeper of cats and as an artist.

Cruelty-free Pet Care Products

17 Jun

Of all things, animal-care products should be free from cruelty to animals! The Leaping Bunny provides a list of manufacturers of animal-care products that are not tested on animals.

Web: We are proud and happy to say that neither our hand-mixed products nor our natural ingredients are tested on animals.

Cat Litter Conundrum

17 Jun

Didn’t know cat litter was such a complicated subject? Your cat may let you know, or you may want to consider other options. Daniela Caride of the Daily Tail tells of her odyssey through five different cat litter for safety, cleanliness, ease of use and odor control, and has a big recommendation for her final choice.

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