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Fertilizer and Mulch Dangers for Dogs.

18 Jun

Before you do so, make sure you know about potential garden dangers that can poison your dog.

via Fertilizer and Mulch Dangers for Dogs..

10 amazing healing plants from your garden: Dig it

17 Jul

Check out our list of common remedies that may have you reconsidering what’s a weed.

via 10 amazing healing plants from your garden: Dig it | MNN – Mother Nature Network.

Keeping Your Indoor Pet Out of Trouble

15 Oct

I keep my cats indoors except for infrequent supervised visits to the back yard. I know my crowd would be getting into trouble if I didn’t have interesting things for them around the house like bird feeders outside several windows, a cat tree, and a variety of scratching things. This website is full of ideas for the indoor pet plus lots of behavioral information.
Welcome, our Center for companion animal care and wellness information for pet owners and veterinarians. This site extends the popular Indoor Cat Initiative, which has helped enrich the lives of cats and strengthen the human-cat bond for nearly a decade.

Detailed Article on Free-Roaming Cats and Wild Birds

25 Aug
cardinal in green leaves

Cardinal in Green Leaves

The supposed link between feral cats and wild bird kills is really spiraling out of control. Vox Felina has a very well-researched article on the topic of free-roaming cats, TNR and estimated wild bird kills by cats. Please read this, and follow the links to the information and studies: Red Herrings, White Lies, and Blue Birds

Wildlife is NOT a Problem in Your Backyard

7 Jul

Wildlife is NOT a problem when it’s in your back yard–wild animal attacks or even bites are very rare! Actually, for many species, their sightings are great news for their survival in the midst of all the development in the region, and don’t forget they are part of the ecosystem that keeps things in balance. Plus they are beautiful to look at.

A rash of wild animal sightings in Pittsburgh suburbs has some people worried and others wondering if there’s something earthy going on.

Baby Wrens

18 Jun

Kelly is totally over the newly-hatched wren babies and their constant cheeping, and wishes they’d move farther away from her window.

Musical Accompaniment

18 Jun

Musical accompaniment to feline play! The William Tell Overture is playing on the radio while at least three large black cats are running from window to door to window as chipmunks race around on the front porch! I may have to consider a video of this with sound, or an animated cartoon.

Helping Animals in the Oil Spill

17 Jun

Donate to or join the National Wildlife Federation in coordinating the clean up from the Gulf Oil Spill.

The National Wildlife Federation is helping coordinate the on-the-ground volunteer effort, including NWF’s Gulf Coast Surveillance Teams, which are being set up to monitor the coastline for wildlife in distress.

Baby Bird Watching

17 Jun

All the baby house finches and sparrows are apparently fledging at the same time and each feeder is a-flutter with baby cheep-cheeps and frantically fluttering wings as they learn to land and perch. My household is exhausted with the effort of close observation.

The Wren Nest in the Windowbox

17 Jun

Kelly is keeping close watch on the progress of the two wrens who have built a nest in the windowbox just outside the window where she snoozes on the cat tree. Normally, both Kelly and wrens are very vocal, but they are quietly going about their business, building and watching. That may change when the babies come, though.

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