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Stories Inspired by “The Goddess”

23 Aug

A few new tortie stories inspired by “The Goddess” print! I don’t get a chance to talk to some people who point and laugh and nod their heads, but when I get the chance I like to collect the stories, all listed in this blog post. Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom as well so you can compare the reference photo and the print!
I looked at Cookie on the kitchen floor, on her back with her toes curled, a defiant look on her face, and it happened—that moment of visualization. I could see a linoleum block print in black ink on white rice paper, hand-tinted with oranges and yellows for the patches in Cookie’s tortoiseshell fur…

A Tast of Station Square to Benefit WPHS

13 Jul

Save the Date! Wednesday, August 4, join us in Station Square to sample restaurants, visit shops and meet adoptable animals, all to benefit the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society!
The event gives you a discount ticket to visit as many restaurants and shops as you can, a ticket for one of many wonderful raffle prizes (to which I’ll be donating, details below) and a visit to the Gateway Party Liner, docked on the Monongahela River, where you can visit with adoptable cats and do…

See You at the Pet Museum!

13 Jul

I’ve been discovered by The Pet Museum! Or, rather, Cookie was, I’m just the artist who created her image. That’s okay, my cats are the art subjects, not me. The Pet Museum is a collection of artwork from modern artists and historical artists, writings, anecdotes, stories and more about our pets today and through history.
The curator of The Pet Museum website first discovered Cookie and her impertinent expression in “The Goddess”, then visited my website. She was very complimentary of how much character I had captured in the block print “in the tilt of the head and the curl of the toes”.

Black Cat Tote Bags

7 Jul

Yes, I did have to brush my teeth in the kitchen this morning…

Mr. Sunshine says, This is my sink. Go brush your teeth in the kitchen. What is it about cats and sinks? A sink is apparently a perfect…

Pink and Purple Pawprints, Girl Power!

5 Jul

I love pink and purple, I always have, and I was so inspired by the colors for little girls now, especially the Dora the Explorer couch…well, read the post! I designed these for my great-nieces and all the little girls who aren’t ashamed to like PINK. Let’s hear it for Girl Power!
I was so inspired by the little Dora the Explorer couch—formerly my great niece’s but now a perfect kitty bed—that I decided to adopt the colors from it for another set of crocheted pawprint washcloths.
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