Animal Welfare on Farms

18 Jun

Even if you don’t eat meat, farming practices still go on and humane treatment and organic methods for farm animals should still be a concern. Some people want to solve the problem by prohibiting livestock farming altogether, but such extreme action only pushes the issues off on someone else. Better to consider how to resolve them.

If You Eat, You Need to Listen: Endangered U.S. Farms – Steve Dale’s Pet World
If some advocates get their way – U.S. farms might begin to disappear. It’s hard to believe but it’s true…This isn’t my typical purview of dogs and cats, but I am truly VERY concerned about this. I may be an urban guy, but I eat.And we saw the results during the pet food recall of what can happen …

One Response to “Animal Welfare on Farms”

  1. Sue Cross August 6, 2010 at 8:55 am #

    You might be interested in my book ON THE MENU:ANIMAL WELFARE (website ame name!) – which tells, for the most part, a horror story, NOT imagined, but something that is happening every moment of every day. It draws attention to the animals on factory farms that never see natural light; or the seasons change; or feel the earth beneath their feet. Incarcerated in vast barns their lives are automated, unnatural, controlled as they are treated as nothing more than any other farm product and become grotesque parodies of their natural selves.

    This book describes the whole production process – from before conception to the way the animals we use for food are presented on the supermarket shelves: the chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese; the laying hens, quail and the pheasants reared for sport; the pigs and lambs; the dairy cattle, beef cattle and veal calves; and also the rabbits as well as the fish and shellfish.

    If you would onsider doing a review for Amazon I would be HAPPY TO SEND A COPY IN PDF FORM.

    Published by Pen Press and available from Amazon at £8.99; from public libraries in the UK and Ireland; and also Ingrams (in the USA).

    With best wishes,

    Sue Cross

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